Whether your project calls for a light edit or a heavier one, I’m all about making your words as effective, consistent and error-free as possible – while keeping your voice and style of writing intact.

It all helps to build trust with your reader and establish you as an expert.

For more than 15 years, I’ve edited a wide selection of text, including articles, blog posts, policies, newsletters, courses, reports, prospectuses, presentations and website content.

I’m a writer, too. So I know how crucial the revision process is, and it means I always respect the writer’s voice when I’m editing. (Just like I expect other editors to do for my work!)

Copyediting service

I’ll review your text and check:

  • it’s free from punctuation, grammar and spelling errors
  • punctuation, capitalisation, hyphenation and spelling are consistent throughout
  • there’s no unnecessary repetition
  • the tense and tone are consistent
  • it’s the appropriate writing style for your audience
  • there aren’t any contradictions or other inconsistencies
  • your intended message is communicated as clearly as possible
  • the text aligns with your style guide (if you have one)

If you also need me to carry out any light fact checking, just let me know before the work starts.

Reviewing translated content

If your writing has been translated into English (by a linguist or via Google Translate or DeepL), and you want a second pair of eyes on it, I can help with that too.

Don’t have a style guide?

It’s never a problem. I’ll give you a style sheet, which outlines all the decisions I made as I was going through your text (like using 11:00 p.m. instead of 23:00, for example).

Using a style sheet helps to make a piece of writing consistent. And you or your organisation can use it down the line if you ever wanted to create a style guide of your own.

How it works

Usually the copyediting process takes place prior to proofreading, which is the final check before a piece of writing is set free.

Depending on the project, my help can be enlisted fairly early on in the process or just before a piece is signed off (for more of a ‘proof-editing’). I don’t have any hard and fast rules about it, and I’m happy to work with you to fit your, or your organisation’s, workflow.

I normally edit in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, using track changes and comments to make suggestions or ask questions. I can also edit straight into PowerPoint presentations or content management systems (CMS), if that’s easier for you.

Using British, American or Canadian English

As an American based in the UK, I can effortlessly work in both American and British English.

So if you need to rework your communications written in American English for a British audience, or vice versa, I can help. I also have experience editing copy in Canadian English.

Want to work with me?

Get in touch to talk through your next project.

Some kind words

‘I commissioned Jen to re-write some key pages on our website and have been so impressed with the quality of her writing. She understood the brief well, produced clear, engaging, impactful writing and was a pleasure to work with. I do not hesitate in recommending Jen and will definitely commission her again.’

Yen Curran, Head of Digital and Brand, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

‘Jen helped me out enormously with a book manuscript I was working on. As well as proofreading, it needed reducing to meet a pretty demanding word count. Jen’s suggestions were brilliant, helping cut it down to size without sacrificing essential content or undermining the argument. It was a stronger piece of writing thanks to her input. Moreover, she completed the work to a very tight timescale! Meticulous, professional and excellent value – I’d recommend Jen’s copyediting work to anyone.’

Dr Tom Allbeson, Senior Lecturer in Media History, Cardiff University

Her writing is effortlessly engaging. Through a combination of plain English and great storytelling, she makes things easy for your readers and can hold their attention to any subject matter. She has the sharpest eye for detail and can switch between style guides like changing hats. To go with her talent, she’s great to work with. She’s super reliable, communicates with clarity and makes things simple for you. The only reason I wouldn’t recommend her is because then she’d be less available for me. That and she refrigerates chocolate.’

Alex Peel, Head of Marketing, Blue Stag

‘Jennifer is a reliable and conscientious editor and edits to a very high standard. In her role with WikiJob, she edits up to 10 articles per week and follows a lengthy style guide. She is a pleasure to work with and always willing to go the extra mile to make the work she edits the best it can be. I hope to continue to work with Jennifer for a long time to come; she is a valued member of our publishing team.’

Georgia King, Editor, WikiJob

‘Jen is super-efficient and easy to work with. She fully understands our core business and sector and is able to take that knowledge and understanding to turn it into thought-provoking and engaging content.’

Dawn Bratcher, Senior Marketing Manager, Skills for Health