I’m an editor and proofreader, but I love writing too. Here’s a selection of some of my work:

Articles and humour pieces

My writing has appeared in The Miami Herald, Nerve, Buzz Magazine, as well as:


Chasing Chanel: Why I keep searching for the perfect handbag that I’ll never actually buy

Reader’s Digest UK

Is the pill safe for people approaching menopause?


Yoga and skin health: is hot yoga ruining your skin?

Stair running: “I’ve never been as fit as when I used to run up the stairs in my office”

Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

An Open Letter to My Beloved Woolly Armpits

What Your Favorite 90s Fashion and Beauty Trend Says About You

Guardian Cardiff

Spotlight: The Junket Club

Spotlight: Vintage Pretty Cardiff

Emrys Journal Online

Life in the UK Test: Etiquette and Social Codes

Short stories

Open Pen

Short story, ‘The Grass Needs Watering’, featured in issue 27

The Timberline Review

Short story, ‘Muzzle Punch’, featured in issue 4.